Babies- Songs & Rhymes

As promised, here are the lyrics and words to the rhymes that I do on a weekly basis at my Babies classes! Open shut them, Open shut them Give a little clap, clap, clap Open shut them, Open shut them Put them in your lap, lap, lap Creep them crawl them, Creep them crawl them … Continue reading Babies- Songs & Rhymes


Babies in Bloom

Hi All! It's been forever and as such, I have moved to a new location where I am now doing baby storytimes. I thought I'd share my plan and a little bit about my set up.  Materials: Duckie Puppet for greeting babies 5-10 minutes before we begin. Spider Puppet for Itsy Bitsy Ukulele for Twinkle Twinkle … Continue reading Babies in Bloom

We’re going on a ghost hunt

This is my rough adaptation of "We're going on a ghost hunt" that I did for Halloween Storytime. I didn't exactly follow the script! We’re going on a ghost hunt We’re gonna find a big one It’s a starry night and the moon is bright And we are not afraid! We’re coming to a hill, … Continue reading We’re going on a ghost hunt

This is Halloween

Books: Click clack boo by Doreen Cronin Go away big green monster by Ed Emberley Activity:  This creative activity involved an imaginative retelling of We’re going on a ghost hunt by Susan Pearson. I edited the text a little bit to make it work for our needs. At the end I put up the haunted … Continue reading This is Halloween

Dinosaur Storytime

Edwina the dinosaur who didn’t know she was extinct by Mo Willems Song- We are the Dinosaurs- Laurie Berkner Greatest Hits Mamasaurus by Stephan Lomp Song- Dinopokey Put your claws in.. Horns in Teeth in Feet in Tails in……………. Do the dino pokey and you turn yourself around, ROAR! Dinosaur vs. the library by Bob … Continue reading Dinosaur Storytime