Construction Storytime

Last week, I did something a little different for storytime! I feel like I often do themes revolving around animals, so it was fun to do something different.

So to start off, I had these up on the flannelboard:
Construction Flannel Props- Singin' in the Stacks

The big picture is from a book called City Signs.
(I had to discard it because a lot of the pages were ripped, but I was lucky to salvage this page and a couple of others to turn into visual aids)

I asked them to guess what the theme was that day and if they could tell me anything about what they saw on the flannelboard. We discussed the construction sign and how that means to be careful and what a traffic cone is and so on.

Then I asked them what sort of things they might see at a construction site and when they guessed one of the vehicles I had pictures of, I put it up on the board. I had to make notes for myself on what each vehicle was so that I didn’t misidentify anything in front of the kids! haha I learned that there is an amazing variety of construction vehicles. Some of which look very similar.
Construction Trucks - Singin' in the Stacks
For the trucks, I just used google images to find the clip art, edited them to be similar sizes, then color printed, laminated them and attached black felt to the back. Writing this out makes it sound like a process but it really didn’t take that long.

Early Literacy Skill: Background knowledge (if you want my EL tips, feel free to email me! I didn’t feel like posting them in here cause I think they’re sortof boring)
Roadwork by Sally Sutton - Construction Storytime by Singin' in the Stacks
Roadwork! By Sally Sutton
My copy of this is pretty damaged as it was a discard that I saved from the recycle bin but I just love it! It’s all written in rhyme, (my favorite!) and it has lots of great sound words plus vocabulary of the different construction vehicles.
Here’s some of the pages:

Song- I got this song from Abby at Abby the Librarian (who got it from Storytime Katie who got it from PreK Fun!) She has a great storytime plan featuring construction books and the PreK Fun website is an AWESOME resource of choices for song ideas.

“Dump Truck” (to the tune of “Ten Little Indians”)

Bumpity-bumpity comes the dump truck,
Bumpity-bumpity comes the dump truck,
Bumpity-bumpity comes the dump truck,
Duuuump out the load!

The motions we used were pretty much as Abby suggested: bouncing throughout the melody and then beeeeeeend over to dump out the load when instructed to in the lyrics. I didn’t bother with any additional verses because I thought it was better for the kids to learn the words and manipulate the speeds. We did it a couple times with an empty load (fast) and then with a heavy load (slow) and of course, ended by singing it as fast as we could just for fun.

Go! Go! Go! Stop! by Charise Mericle Harper. Construction Storytime by Singin' in the Stacks
Go! Go! Go! Stop! By Charise Mericle Harper
This had a lot of good concepts and vocabulary too and fit with the theme so I went with it. It would work well for a Signs theme too.

(Optional activity: Play red light, green light!)
^We didn’t have time for this. But I wish we had!

Song- Johnny’s Hammer from the Texas Library Archives website (how on earth did I find myself on that site? I truly don’t know.. but I suspect Pinterest had something to do with it)

The song is apparently a classic but it’s not one I’ve ever heard before.
After we sang it once, we did it again faster!

Johnny’s Hammer

Johnny pounds with one hammer, one hammer, one hammer,
Johnny pounds with one hammer all day long (Pounding motion with one fist)

Johnny pounds with two hammers, two hammers, two hammers,
Johnny pounds with two hammers all day long. (Pounding motion with two fists)

It continues with this theme, adding hammers with:
Johnny pounds with three hammers,  (Pounding motion with two fists and one foot).
Johnny pounds with four hammers,  (Pounding motion with two fists, two feet).
Johnny pounds with five hammers, (Pounding motion with two fists, two feet, and nod head).


Johnny now is so tired, so tired, so tired,
Johnny now is so tired all day long. (Hold hammering position)

Johnny goes to sleep now, sleep now, sleep now.
Johnny goes to sleep now all night long. (Drop head and close eyes).

Construction Storytime by Singin' in the Stacks
BOOK 3- 20 Big Trucks in the Middle of the Street by Mark Lee
This was a nice book for counting plus we got to see and identify many of the different cars on the road.

Closing Song: Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our friends.
(For more info on the song, click over to my first post.)

Craft: Dump truck with dumping capabilities!

Dump Truck Pattern Construction Storytime by Singin' in the Stacks
I got this pattern from the Texas Reading Club website and pretty much followed the directions by printing them out on cardstock and then attaching the two pieces with a fastener after they were colored. I tried it with regular printer paper the first time but it was a no go- too flimsy!

To make it easier on myself. I cut two of them out and fit them on one piece of paper so that I could copy more of them at a time and save on paper. I can email anyone the pdf if you want it.. If I were more of an expert wordpresser, I might know how to attach it to this post but sadly, I’m not (yet!)


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