Groundhog’s Day

Today went pretty well but it was definitely a learning experience. Firstly, there are not a lot of good groundhog books. Then more than half the kids showed up 10 minutes late (after I had already finished the most fun parts of the program)..
So that was a bummer.

But I guess I’ll post the parts I liked. for future reference. I did make some quite adorable little felt groundhogs to go with a song I found here.. Mostly I didn’t feel like making the ten required for them to work with a book. I generally shy away from doing more than one “5 little, 10 little 6 little etc” songs/rhymes/books but as I said. the pickings were kinda slim.
Groundhogs in progress… I made these using a clip art I found of a hamster and then just used the print out as my template, as you can see at the top left of the picture.

The book I used later was Ten Grouchy Groundhogs by Kathryn Heling and Deborah Hembrook.tengrouchygroundhogs

We also had a vote about whether or not Phil would see his shadow.. (this took place before the big daycare showed up. unfortunately!!)
And here’s the craft: Groundhogs emerging from their den.




One thought on “Groundhog’s Day

  1. Love the felt groundhogs! I use Google images all the time for my patterns. The groundhog craft is adorable! I have a thing about starting my storytime on time and if they come in late, too bad. I can’t see making those that are on time have to wait around for latecomers. I usually just welcome them as I can and keep on with what we were doing. The key to a successful storytime is to be flexible!!


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