Bug Storytime

This week we did Bugs!

It was a lot of fun but also challenging because I’m still getting used to (and maybe I’ll never *totally* be prepared for) the fluctuating numbers and needs of the children who attend my program each week. Sometimes we have multiple big daycares come and other times it’s a smaller group of caregiver and child pairs. Obviously, the kind of material that is ideal for one situation isn’t always going to be possible with the other. So I’m striving to plan a variety of content that I can sub in and out when appropriate with the addition of a few backups that I can turn to when necessary. My experience lesson planning as an early childhood music teacher has come in SO handy with planning! I feel like I’m definitely hitting my stride but there’s always room for improvement.

Anyway, I digress. Tuesday was one of those smaller groups so we did more hands on and participatory activities than I would have been able to do if we’d had more kids.

Opening Song: The More We Get Together with ASL.
I’ll finally do a video of this over the weekend.
I promise!!

Bugs Storytime | Singin' in the Stacks
Read: The Flea’s Sneeze by Lynn Downey
The kids liked this book. It kept their attention and they liked looking for the little flea in the pictures.

Bugs Storytime | Singin' in the Stacks
Sing/Read: Old Black Fly by Jim Aylesworth
I wrote a super cute song that goes with this book. I’ll post a video of it this weekend.
I sang the melody of the chorus twice before we really got into it:
Once by myself while I played the chords on the uke, then again with the kids singing along.
After that, I sang the rest of the book with the kids joining in on the “Shoo Fly Shoo Fly Shoooo!” part.
(I tried to get them to do it themselves when I did the hand motion that went along with it but they were too shy- this is another difference between the small and big groups)

Then this happened! They were really surprised when I slammed the book shut!

Bugs Storytime | Singin' in the Stacks

Song: Shoo fly don’t bother me.
Played this on the uke and had the kids stand up and dance/sing along.

Flannel story/Song- I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
Bugs Storytime | Singin' in the Stacks
Her eyes aren’t that scary in real life, I promise. It’s the flash that got her! #palegirlprobs haha
For this, I didn’t play my ukulele because that would have just been way too confusing. If I’d had a helper I probably would have. So I sang the song while using the book mostly just as a prompt. I would have preferred to have *not* needed the book because then I could have pointed to each picture as a cue for the kids to sing along with me but I didn’t feel confident enough with the words for that. Next time.

Bugs Storytime | Singin' in the Stacks

^This version (I know an old lady who swallowed a fly by Nadine Bernard Westcott)
is what I sang the text from. I actually prefer the pictures of the Simms Taback but my flannel pieces didn’t match the animals mentioned in that one.

The “I know an Old Lady” flannel was a good example of something that worked great with a small group yet wouldn’t have been possible with more kids. I don’t like to give things out unless I have enough for each person to participate. In this case though, I was able to have each kid put an animal up on the board when it was time for that verse and I know they really liked that!

(Note: I did not hand out pieces before the song for a couple reasons. Instead, I gave them to each child just as I sang the name of animal in question. If I had given them out beforehand, they might have been distracted by what they were holding instead of eagerly anticipating what would come next and if they might be the one to put it up.)

Bugs Storytime | Singin' in the Stacks
Read: Tiny Little Fly by Michael Rosen
This book was cute and the kids liked guessing the animals.

Sing/Dance: Wiggleworm.
This song is magical. I got it from my previous job and I haven’t been able to successfully track down the name of the album/artist. It says “Preschool Songs” in my iTunes under Artist and “Unknown Album” under album. For now it’s a mystery but I’ll update the post if/when I find out.

As an aside, I always stand up and dance crazy with my kids because I feel like if I’m not into it why should they be? I wish parents would see me doing this and feel compelled to join in but so far in my experience they never do and that’s awkward. Whatever! Be lame if you want to! I’m having fun AND burning calories! haha                                                                 

Closing: “Goodbye Friends”  from Jbrary. I like this song because it’s simple and easy to teach.

First, I taught them the ASL for “goodbye” and “friends.”
Then I sang it for them once and again a second time with them joining in.

Good bye friends,
Good bye friends,
Good bye friends,
It’s time to say goodbye!”

For a while I was doing The More We Get Together as the Hello song and the Goodbye song but that made me get a little bored of it. I definitely want to keep it in as one or the other but I’m experimenting with different combinations. I like the IDEA of having a regular hello and goodbye that’s the same every week. But I’m not sure if maybe it’s just the idea I like…

Bugs Storytime | Singin' in the Stacks

Craft: Butterflies from tissue paper
Each person will need:
Tissue paper (cut small, little bit smaller than a piece of printer paper)
Pipe cleaners (again cut small, probably into thirds)
Stickers, beads etc.
We used beads on the end of the pipe cleaners to make their “eyes” and the kids had fun with it.


2 thoughts on “Bug Storytime

  1. I’m thinking you used Wiggle Worms by Johnette Downing on her Wild and Woolly Wiggle Songs album. I can see crazy dancing to the boom sha-ka-lacka-lacka! It begins “Shhh – don’t wake the wiggle worms.”


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