Pirates and Princesses

So this was a special program I had last weekend and it was set up a bit differently than the usual:
We had crafts at the beginning as well as the end!
(Because obviously we needed to wear our princess and pirate accessories during the program.) Everyone absolutely loved it! We had an awesome time.









OH NO! PIRATES! The Cinderella outfit was a HUGE hit! I am so grateful to my friend, Kathleen from Children’s Theatre who let me borrow it! Can you believe she SEWED it!? Talk about talent!

After my regular “Welcome to the library” speech, I read some cute pirate verses. The Pirate speeches that I use intermittently throughout the program were inspired by the book below. Unfortunately, it was too small to make work for this program but I loved the sing-songy feel of the text.

How to be a Pirate by Sue Fliess

Not a pirate? Don’t know how?

Ye can learn to be one now!
Come in closer- I don’t bite.
A pirate ye shall be tonight!
First I’ll take ye round the ship.
Deck is wet so don’t ye slip!
That’s the mast. That’s the aft.
If she sinks. There’s the raft.
Wear an eye patch, read a book!
First Ye’ll choose yer royal (or pirate) look!

Then we did our first crafts: 

Princess Crowns
out of pipe cleaners
(I know, I know, It’s hard to see because my hair is blonde but the filters I tried just made it worse. Just trust that these were easy to make, I promise.)

Pirate Hats
These we had a template for already so it was easy. I just stapled two together after the kids were done gluing and decorating the one side. I think the two black pieces vs one black piece on a band design looks the best- just my opinion.

Then I read:
Skulls and cross bones mark our flags, never mess with scallywags.
No more manners no more fuss!
When you’re here ye act like us.
Shuffle, swagger that’s our walk.
Learn the lingo, talk the talk.
Gangway! Blimey! Yo-ho-ho!
Those are words ye’ll need te know.
(Say it with me: gangway blimey yo ho ho!)
Sing a shanty, whistle, dance.
Dance a jig in pirate pants!

No Pirates Allowed Said Library Lou by Rhonda Gower Greene

This next song I borrowed from Storytime Katie’s Fairy Tale Post. 

Curtsy like a princess (Tune: Skip to My Lou)
Curtsy like a princess just like so
Curtsy like a princess just like so
Curtsy like a princess just like so
Curtsy like a princess!
Bow like a prince just like so… bow-ow like a prince
Juggle like a jester just like so… jugg-le like a jester
Fly like a fairy just like so… fly-y like a fairy
Roar like a dragon, just like so… roar-r like a dragon


Port Side Pirates
by Debbie Harter

I can’t get enough of books that come with CDs and even BETTER if they come with a CD accompaniment track so that I can sing without someone else singing in the background. The lyrics do come quickly and there were moments when I wished I had practiced the text out loud a little more before doing it because it’s just so fast and toungetwistery! But it was great! We did a simple little dance and I had the kids sing along with me on the chorus.

Not All Princesses Dress in Pink by Jane Yolen
Love the message of this one 🙂

Flannel Rhyme: Princess wore her red crown to the tune of Mary Wore Her Red Dress.
I CANT FIND THIS FLANNEL! IT IS SOMEWHERE IN THIS LIBRARY BUT I KNOW NOT WHERE!!!!! haha I will update with a better picture when I find it 🙂
Photo Feb 21, 10 09 53 AM

I have seen this concept on several different blogs and things.. to make it as easy on myself as possible, I opted to just make crowns instead of also making various royals to wear them. I really wasn’t wild about the way this went during storytime- to me it felt kinda lame but the kid’s probably were plenty amused. I’m hard on myself. I felt like I needed to do a Princess thing here to balance out all the pirate stuff.

Song: There is clapping in the castle from Nancy Music
Note: I’d make sure you set this on loop because if you don’t do it a couple times it only lasts like 45 seconds!

There is clapping in the castle, there is clapping all around
There is clapping in the castle, mirth and merriment abound

There is jumping with the jesters, there is jumping all around
There is jumping with the jesters, mirth and merriment abound

There is twirling in the towers, there is twirling all around
There is twirling in the towers, mirth and merriment abound

There is dancing on the drawbridge, there is dancing all around
There is dancing on the drawbridge, mirth and merriment abound

Light the candles, start the music, lords and ladies one and all
With our song and dance and laughter we will fill the castle walls

Captain’s orders game
I forget the name of the classic children’s game this is based on. Basically the kids just followed my various commands. Describing it the way I just did, it really doesn’t seem like that would have been very enjoyable… but they all seemed to have a GREAT time with it. haha I ended up mixing the commands up in different orders that would be hard for them to do quickly and we actually played the game for several minutes.

To begin I made the announcement: “I am the captain and ye are the crew!”

These are some of the commands we did but the possibilities are practically endless.
To the island: run to the left
To the port: run to the right
Scrub the deck: crouch down and make a scrubbing motion with hands
Hit the deck: lay on your stomach
Captain’s coming: stand to attention and salute
Climb the rigging: pretend to climb a rope
Abandon ship!: sit down criss cross and pretend to row a lifeboat

Next I read:

“Find yer treasure don’t be late- for in the library, pirates wait
Follow the map and make good time, cause it be a scavenger hunt yar find
Dock the vessel. Knot the rig.
Grab your shovel- time to dig!
Finish yer hunt and come back to me and a very rich sailor you shall be!”

And I sent them off to complete the Scavenger hunt!
The prize was a treasure chest with pirate stickers inside that they could decorate.


And here’s me with some princesses and pirates 🙂





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