Preschool Storytime Template

This is how I plan my (3-5 year old) storytimes.

Give or take.

I always prepare a few extra books and a few extra songs/activities for if the kids get antsy but the general structure remains the same.

This is the plan that’s in my notes that I don’t post on the blog each week.

I feel like the actual substance of the program is much more interesting to read.
But here it is for reference if anyone wants it!

Theme                                                    Date

Welcome to the library, my name is… etc etc,

Before we get started let’s remember our good storytime etiquette. We need to sit all the way down with our hands to ourselves and a bubble on our lips!

This means we raise our hands when I ask a question so that everyone has a chance to have fun and participate with us. (I don’t read this word for word obviously, I just have it written out so that I don’t miss any key points. I try to make this more a conversation than a monologue. I typically also mention that I want it to be a collaborative activity rather than a performance. And as you can see, I put my various side comments in blue so they’re easy to skim for/skim over!)

Parents and Caregivers: I invite you to please silence your cell phones and participate with us! Your children will get so much more out of storytime if you are engaged in the experience right along with them. It’s okay to leave and come back if your child needs to gather themselves-the bathrooms are out the door and to your right.

Upcoming events:
I always read these to plug what we have coming up at the branch. We’re in a somewhat rural area so we gotta work to fill the room! (Which I love, by the way! In my opinion, you can’t very well expect people to get excited about your programs if you aren’t super excited about them yourself!)

Explain the Early Literacy Skill (written on whiteboard behind me before the program)

What do you think our theme is today!?

Opening Song “The more we get together” with sign language.
**Explain briefly what ASL is and what each sign means.*

The more we get together, together, together
The more we get together the happier we’ll be
Cause your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends
The more we get together the happier we’ll be

We use the signs for more, together, happy, your, friends, and my

Longest Book

Flannel story




*Somewhere in here I will mention an Example of how the preceding activity involved the Early literacy skill we’re focusing on.

Short Book

*Insert more activities here if we’re running early on time

Musical activity– This can be a boomwhacker song, a special instrument I’ve brought to show them or a parachute activity.

Empower the parents to extend the ELS lesson and give them an idea of what they can do.

List of Alternates Books/Activities/Songs I put the list here so that it’s handy if I need to fill up my program with more stuff at the end. 

Closing Song: “Goodbye Friends” from Jbrary or “More we get together” if we didn’t do it for the opening song. I like how they both include the sign for friends so I’ve been using them together lately.
Intro to craft: This is where I give directions on how to do the craft if it doesn’t seem immediately obvious. I always show everyone the example craft while I have them looking at the front of the room so that they have an idea of how to do it even if they don’t need specific instructions. (I really try not to make them hard enough to require instructions but for some reason many parents like to see what it “should” look like…)

Craft: Name of craft

  1. These are mostly for me so I remember how to do it and can tell the parents/kids what to do
  2. I generally make the example pretty far in advance so sometimes I need a refresher

Materials: Stuff I need to get together before the program

Glue sticks
Colored paper


One thought on “Preschool Storytime Template

  1. […] Storytime went well today! We had just the right number of instruments for each kid. (I grabbed a rhythm stick out of the closet for myself as it wouldn’t have worked without me modeling.) I left out my good morning song and goodbye song in the plan along with the random “get your energy out” dancing song because we didn’t depart from the usual.  […]


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