Flannel Friday

I’m so excited to be hosting the Flannel Friday roundup this week!
It’s my first time hosting and I’m a new-ish blogger so I hope I get this right!

The first is from Nikki at Heythereibrary. She says this is a flannelization (ok that word is my own.. haha) of Ugly Fish by Kara LaReau. I’ve never read this book! Definitely want to check it out now!

This next one is from one of my coworkers! Liz at Storytime Whoopdiedoo.
It’s a play on the classic “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” but uses sea creatures instead!

Next we have an adaptation of “The Wise Blackbird” by Ann Gazikowski from Miss Meg’s Storytime. I think the flamingo is my favorite 🙂

This cute version of “Wide Mouth Frog” is from Melody Joy at StorytimeBandit

Next is this cute Sammy the Seal adaptation from Kathryn at Fun with Friends at Storytime

This one gets me excited for warmer weather! 5 pretty sandcastles from Storytime Katie

Last up is an adaptation of the book Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young and it’s from Laura from Library LaLaLand

Thanks for everyone’s submissions! So many of your blogs I have been reading for a while so it’s been fun to see all the stuff you’re making!! Be sure to check out the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards for other great ideas and of course click over to the official Flannel Friday blog for info about upcoming roundups!!



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