Ocean Storytime

Over in the ocean in the coral reef by Marianne Berkes
We sang this book!
Books that can be sung are my all time favorites, as I’m sure you’re starting to gather if you have read my other posts… Have them guess the numbers as you progress through the song.
At the end, have everyone help find the various creatures we sang about in the picture on the last page.

Musical activity- Hawaiian Music and shakers

Sailing Activity!
Based on the book:  Sail Away by Donald Crews
Basically I wrote down the text of this book and then added additional actions where I thought it was necessary. Most of the book is written in a way that makes it obvious what sort of motions you might do if you were acting out the story but I also included putting the start key in the ignition of the motor and yanking the cord a few times to get the engine started, (as one does!)
Since my library is in a rural community near the water, I was sure almost everyone would know about boats and the sounds they make. I was so pleasently surprised when we were “rowing” our boats out to the mooring, the kids spontaneously broke out into “Row, Row, Row your Boat.” I am clearly having an impact on them! haha

Song- Fish in the sea (Wheels on the Bus)

The_____ in the sea go ____, ____, ____, ____.
The ____ in the sea ____, ____, ____, ____.
all around the sea.

Fish- Swim
Jellies- Jiggle
Dolphins- Leap
Sharks- Chomp

Rub a dub sub by Linda Ashman

List of Alternates Books/Activities/Songs

There are SO many books to choose from that might have worked with this topic! Here are a few alternate choices that didn’t end up fitting in my time frame:

Flannel and Book: Rainbow fish by Marcus Pfister
Boats for Bedtime by Olga Litowinsky

Song: Ten little fish
Song: Baby shark

Ocean | Singin' In The StacksI chose this craft when I was planning to use Rainbow Fish in this storytime. I didn’t bother changing it when I took the book out. The kids really enjoyed making their bedazzled fish. I affectionately refer to mine as “Vegas Fish”

Craft: Paper plate Fish

  1. Color the plate
  2. Cut a triangle-shaped piece for his mouth
  3. Glue the triangle-shaped piece to the plate to form his tail
  4. Add a googly eye plus sequins/jewels

One thought on “Ocean Storytime

  1. Love the craft! I’ve also read ‘I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean!’ by Kevin Sherry, which kids really love.


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