Into the Woods Storytime

I got the idea for this plan when, while browsing Sunflower Storytime, I came upon this post.
As a music nerd, obviously the title itself caught my eye and then I ended up really liking some of her elements so I took her idea and made it my own a little bit.

“Guess the puppet” Activity. I pretty much did as she did here except I adjusted the clues to fit what puppets I had available. This activity was a big hit! I should use puppets/props more often, maybe.

“There’s something in the woods, that I can’t really see.
(hands around eyes like binoculars)
There’s something in the woods. Now what can it be?”
(hold up hands, shrug shoulders in question)

Repeat above rhyme before giving each clue….

I’m an animal who’s tall, brown and furry with giant antlers (moose).
I’m an animal who’s got long ears and goes “Hop, hop, hop” (rabbit).
I’m an animal who likes to hang out in the mud by the pond and I say “Ribbit!” (frog).
I’m a slow animal with a hard shell (turtle).
I’m an animal who’s very small, black and lives on a web (spider).
I’m an animal who lives in a den made out of wood I cut with my big teeth (beaver/woodchuck).

Song and Flannels: Grizzly bears are big and brown

Set to the tune of “Mary had a little lamb.”
I got this song from Jbrary. Here is their video of it:

Grizzly bears are big and brown,
big and brown, big and brown.
Grizzly bears are big and brown
and live in the woods.

Polar bears are soft and white.
soft and white, soft and white
Polar bears are soft and white
and live where it is cold.

Teddy bears are just my size,
just my size, just my size,
Teddy bears are just my size
to cuddle with at night.

The Woods by Paul Hoppe

Rhyme: Hoot owl count

Sing with book: Teddy Bear Picnic by Jamie Kennedy

Little owl lost by Chris Haughton

List of Alternates Books/Activities/Songs
Green grass grows
Where’s my teddy by Jez Alborough (big book)
Going on a bear hunt activity

 Craft: Fox mask
I found this on First Palette. Which by the way, is such a fantastic site for crafts. I printed them in black and white and then cut them out so the kids just had to color them and attach a stick as the handle.


3 thoughts on “Into the Woods Storytime

  1. Thanks for the post – This is a theme I’ve never done, but it’s a great idea! I’ve looked at the Paul Hoppe book several times and love everything by Chris Haughton.


    • Thanks! It went over really well too! I’ve really been trying to branch out with my themes.. One can only do various animal programs so many times! I have some pretty sweet ones coming up.. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting them. Things have been crazy lately! Thanks for reading! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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