Books:    Down by the Barn by Will Hillenbrand

Freight Train by Donald Crews

Trains don’t sleep by Andria Rosenbaum

Flannel: Clickity Clack goes the train from Mel’s Desk. I had actually intended on using the train pieces I had to tell Freight Train but I had a big book of it so I used this rhyme instead. It worked well!

Clickety-clack, clickety-clack,
Here comes the train on the railroad track!
Clickety-clumm, clickety-clumm,
Here comes ENGINE number one.
Clickety-clew, clickety-clew,
Here comes COAL CAR number two.
Clickety-clee, clickety-clee,
Here comes BOX CAR number three.
Clickety-clore, clickety-clore,
Here comes TANK CAR number four.
Clickety-clive, clickety-clive,
Here comes COACH CAR number five.
Clickety-clicks, clickety-clicks,
Here’s the CABOOSE, that’s number six.
Clickety-clack, clickety-clack,
There goes the train on the railroad track!
Choo-choooooooo! Goodbye!

Songs: Workin on the Railroad (Music Together, tr 16) We sang and shook shaky eggs for this song. It’s a pretty good jam 🙂

Didn’t get to this song because we had 35 more people this week than we had last week and it was getting a bit chaotic! But next time!

The wheels on the train
(to the tune of: The Wheels on the Bus)

The wheels on the train go clickety-clack, clickety-clack, clickety-clack
The wheels on the train go clickety-clack
All along the track

The whistle on the train goes toot, toot, toot…
The conductor on the train says, “Ticket, please!”…
The people on the train go bounce, bounce, bounce…
The engine on the train goes chug, chug, chug…

We made trains on big sheets of white paper. You could make yours as long as you wanted and then use your thumb to stamp wheels on the train cars!


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