This is Halloween

Click clack boo by Doreen Cronin
Go away big green monster by Ed Emberley

Activity:  This creative activity involved an imaginative retelling of
We’re going on a ghost hunt by Susan Pearson.
Singin' In the Stacks--Going on a ghost hunt
I edited the text a little bit to make it work for our needs. At the end I put up the haunted house with the ghost behind it so when we knocked on the door, I took the house off and there was the ghost!! It was really fun 🙂 Click to see the full script

Rhyme: 5 little ghosties
Singin' In the Stacks--5 little ghosties
I got this idea from my coworker who got it from Sunflower Storytime. 

I covered an Amazon box with this AWESOME fabric (that I had intended to use for placemats at home but life happened!) to make the little puppet theater-thing.
I cut holes in the fabric so the sticks could slip in and out easily as I told the story and they turned around the reveal their various colors.
Singin' In the Stacks--5 little ghosties
I adapted the text to make it a bit shorter- here’s what I used:

5 little ghosties bright and shiny white
Waiting for their mother to bring dinner home tonight
One ghosty said “I’m so hungry! I can’t wait!”
She grabbed up some ______________ and that is what she ate.
She swallowed it down in to her hungry tum- do you know what color that ghosty did become??
Now how many ghosties are white??              4, 3, 2, 1, None!

One mother ghosty bright and shiny white
Came home to her little ones with dinner for the night
When she saw all the colors her ghosties did become, she knew just what to give them for their tums
A tall glass of milk and a marshmallow or three
and those 5 little ghosties turned as white as white can be.

(Things the ghosts ate: Strawberries, Spinach, Blueberries, Lemonade, and Chocolate chip ice cream)

Songs: Spooky Loo


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