Fair Storytime

Billy Goat and the State Fair by Dan Yaccarino I very much enjoy this new book! It was the inspiration for this whole program. Definitely recommend that you check it out! List of Dances by Jim Gill (I wish I had a super cool banner like this one!! I just wrote the words on the whiteboard but … Continue reading Fair Storytime


Sports Storytime

Warm up: We did Jumping Jacks, High knees, Playful stretching and had a casual discussion about sports. (I asked them "who can name a sport?" "does anyone play sports?" etc) Dino football by Lisa Wheeler This book was a little long so some of the pages I paperclipped together so that we could skip ahead. … Continue reading Sports Storytime

Dancing Storytime

I'm still here!! Just been unbelievably overwhelmed with Summer Reading this past month! I'll do my best to get back at the blogging- I have quite a backlog of posts to share. This is a pretty simple one 🙂 Giraffes can’t dance by Giles Andreae Looby Loo from Bob's Favorite Sing Along Songs I love … Continue reading Dancing Storytime

Into the Woods Storytime

I got the idea for this plan when, while browsing Sunflower Storytime, I came upon this post. As a music nerd, obviously the title itself caught my eye and then I ended up really liking some of her elements so I took her idea and made it my own a little bit. "Guess the puppet" … Continue reading Into the Woods Storytime

Ocean Storytime

Over in the ocean in the coral reef by Marianne Berkes We sang this book! Books that can be sung are my all time favorites, as I'm sure you're starting to gather if you have read my other posts... Have them guess the numbers as you progress through the song. At the end, have everyone help … Continue reading Ocean Storytime

Barnyard Storytime

I'm SO behind, I know! This month has been absolute craziness at work! I'm doing a lot more programs than I was before so it's been a bit of a challenge figuring out the best methods (organizational, planning, time managements etc.) for adjusting to the new pace! But I'm back- and hopefully I will have … Continue reading Barnyard Storytime