Dinosaur Storytime

Edwina the dinosaur who didn’t know she was extinct by Mo Willems Song- We are the Dinosaurs- Laurie Berkner Greatest Hits Mamasaurus by Stephan Lomp Song- Dinopokey Put your claws in.. Horns in Teeth in Feet in Tails in……………. Do the dino pokey and you turn yourself around, ROAR! Dinosaur vs. the library by Bob … Continue reading Dinosaur Storytime


Jazz Storytime

Hello everyone! I'm back from my long hiatus. Here's what I did today: This Jazz Man by Karen Ehrhardt I got rhythm by Connie Schofield-Morrison Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler In addition to these three books, we also did an activity where we sang the numbers song and felt the beat of the song on … Continue reading Jazz Storytime

Into the Woods Storytime

I got the idea for this plan when, while browsing Sunflower Storytime, I came upon this post. As a music nerd, obviously the title itself caught my eye and then I ended up really liking some of her elements so I took her idea and made it my own a little bit. "Guess the puppet" … Continue reading Into the Woods Storytime

Barnyard Storytime

I'm SO behind, I know! This month has been absolute craziness at work! I'm doing a lot more programs than I was before so it's been a bit of a challenge figuring out the best methods (organizational, planning, time managements etc.) for adjusting to the new pace! But I'm back- and hopefully I will have … Continue reading Barnyard Storytime

Birds Storytime

This was an especially fun storytime! I even integrated a special instrument: Opening Song- I modified this song from Jbrary to say hello to each different kind of bird. This was also a nice tie in to the Vocabulary tip we were highlighting today. We talked about explaining new words you come across, like instead of … Continue reading Birds Storytime

Pirates and Princesses

So this was a special program I had last weekend and it was set up a bit differently than the usual: We had crafts at the beginning as well as the end! (Because obviously we needed to wear our princess and pirate accessories during the program.) Everyone absolutely loved it! We had an awesome time. … Continue reading Pirates and Princesses

Pajama Storytime

This plan is from a special evening event that I had back at the beginning of January. It was a big success! Except next time I MUST remember to wear cool pajamas! I hadn't sufficiently planned ahead with my laundry-doing so that I could dress in theme this time but EVERY ONE of the participants … Continue reading Pajama Storytime